Strategic Planning for organizations / non-profits

Strategic planning is the cornerstone of organizational success. If you’re looking to revisit your purpose, align with your customers‘ needs, set clear goals, navigate structural conflicts, and craft a strategic roadmap, I’m here to guide you. Strategic planning can be strengthened through executive coaching. Because this is where your leadership skills, strategic thinking, critical decision…

Structural Consulting for colleagues

I’m offering a comprehensive consulting approach for professionals, seeking mastery in structural thinking and dynamics. The structural exploration and learning spans across three crucial areas: your personal life, your business endeavours, and the needs of the customers you serve. As we work together, you will gain the ability to identify and work with the underlying…

Personal Structural Consultations

Have you found yourself in reoccurring patterns: Where you set out for something you wanted, achieved it, but then a reversal happened and you lost it again? And most of your endeavours were neutralized? Whether it happens swiftly or plays out over many years, these oscillating patterns can affect various aspects of your life: such…

Petra Kraatz, Artist, Germany

Katharina’s coaching has pushed me to my limits and beyond. Her blend of professionalism, analytical prowess, and warmth allowed me to gain deep insights into my life. With her guidance, I’ve redirected my life’s course, especially as an artist. Today, I no longer feel adrift but connected to what truly matters to me.

Jenny Harris, Consultant, USA

Working with Katharina was an absolute pleasure. She swiftly identified my core patterns and the underlying beliefs that fuelled them. Katharina approached my situation with a clear perspective, devoid of any agenda. Among the many coaches and helpers I’ve encountered, Katharina stands out as one of the best: extremely professional, highly capable, and an exceptional coach and guide.