Structural Consulting


My work as Structural Consultant is based on the principles of the creative process, as defined and practiced by Robert Fritz (USA).

My love for structural work has been unbroken since I first encountered it over 20 years ago. Ever since I have been aware of the power and profound impact of structural dynamics – not only in my own life but also in the lives of my family, friends, colleagues and clients.

As a coach and consultant, my mission is to support you in achieving your most meaningful goals, in an advancing and sustainable way. These goals may relate to your personal life or to your professional endeavours. Along the way, I’ll equip you with the ability to discern the underlying structures that give rise to certain patterns of behaviour. These patterns may be functional or dysfunctional, advancing or oscillating. By uncovering the causal structures, your creative process for achieving what truly matters to you will gain strength and momentum. Essentially, there are three distinct avenues through which we can collaborate.


Personal Consultations
Personal Consultations

Have you found yourself in reoccurring patterns: Where you set out for something you wanted, achieved it, but then a reversal happened and you lost it again? And your endeavours were neutralized?

Whether it happens swiftly or plays out over many years, these oscillating patterns can affect various aspects of your life, e.g. family, relationships, work, health and more. A Structural Consultation explores the underlying structure that is causing the oscillation. This will enable you to change from an oscillating to an advancing structure, thus to create what you want in a lasting way.

In this setting we usually work together only for a few hours. Though our time together is brief, its impact can be truly transformative.

Business Coaching
Business Coaching
I offer a comprehensive consulting approach for professionals seeking mastery in structural thinking and dynamics. The structural exploration and learning spans across three crucial areas: your personal life, your business endeavours, and the needs of the customers you serve. As we work together, you will gain the ability to identify and work with the underlying forces at play in all three areas. This will support your own creative process and that of your clients. And you will develop and strengthen your skills as a structural consultant. In this setting we work for 90 minutes every other week, over 9 months or longer. I work with all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.
Strategy for Organizations
Strategy for Organizations

Strategic planning is the cornerstone of organizational success. If you’re looking to revisit your purpose, align with your customers‘ needs, set clear goals, navigate structural conflicts, and craft a strategic roadmap, I’m here to guide you.

Strategic planning can be strengthened through executive coaching. Because this is where your leadership skills, strategic thinking, critical decision-making and clear direction are nurtured.

My preference lies with smaller to medium-sized organizations.


Katharina’s career began in the 90s in landscape architecture and fine arts. Since 2002, she has been deeply immersed in the study of structural dynamics and obtained her certification as a Structural Consultant in 2004. Over the years Katharina has led various courses in the corpus of work by Robert Fritz, including the Managerial Moment of Truth. In 2022, she expanded her portfolio, starting to co-instruct the Fundamentals of Structural Thinking (FST) and teaching Structural Consulting (SCCP).

Based in Berlin, Katharina consults with clients across the globe in a variety of settings. The majority of her structural work is conducted online, ensuring accessibility and convenience for those seeking her guidance.

Katharina also uses her knowledge as a gardener and landscape architect to create urban community gardens in the center of Berlin. These green spaces promote locally grown food and play a vital role in restoring wildflower habitats for insects and nurturing biodiversity. At her heart is the well-being of all living creatures and the planet. That’s why she advocates an animal-friendly, plant-based diet. She also exerts an excellent knowledge of healthy foods and nutrients.



The principles of the creative process and structural dynamics have been widely shared through Robert Fritz’s coursework, books and videos. As a guest in Simon Rilling’s podcast-series Katharina gives personal insights into her work as Structural Consultant (German).


Feel free to reach out with any question you might have. I’m happy to engage with you online, allowing us to determine if there’s a match between your needs and my offer. Please email to schedule a conversation with no obligation or cost: