My coaching and training approach is based on the principles of creating and the work of Robert Fritz who, over the past 30 years, has developed a ground breaking approach to coaching based on his deep understanding of the creative process. The insights that come from this approach’s Structural Consulting – quickly build a solid foundation for meaningful change for both individuals and organizations. As a landscape architect and artist this approach immediately appealed to me. I began attending the Structural Consulting program in the USA and was certified in 2004. In the same year I founded my coaching business. Since then I’ve been using my skills to support my clients ” individuals, couples or leaders – in creating what matters most to them.

“Katharina Schütze is one of the most accomplished Structural Consultants in our program. She has the ability to work with clients, understand the underlying structure that is giving rise to their patterns of behaviour, work with that structure, and, from that, accomplishes a profound change in which the client can create new and more productive patterns. Katharina is a true professional, a brilliant consultant, and a gifted agent of change. Her work with us has been in the areas of the personal, professional, and organizational, and I highly recommend her.”

Rosalind Fritz CEO, Robert Fritz Inc.

Overview of my professional activities

2006 ” today Founding Director of Robert Fritz Inc in Germany.
2004 – today Life and leadership coach, trainer and facilitator.
2004 Founding coaching business.
1997 – today Artist. Conceives of and installs art work with “pep-berlin”: Temporary, interactive projects in public spaces.
1997 – today Landscape architect. Garden-designer and -consultant. Undertakes preliminary design inspection and makes jury presentation in the context of competitions in the field of urban design and art in architecture.

Education and training

2008 Certified trainer. “The Managerial Moment of Truth” (Robert Fritz Inc, USA)
2005 – today Invited participant: Advanced Structural Consulting Program (Robert Fritz Inc, USA)
2002 – 2004 Training and certification as “Structural Consultant”. Structural Consulting Certification Program (Robert Fritz Inc, USA)
2002 Certified trainer. “Creating Your Life” and “Creating What Matters” (Robert Fritz Inc, USA)
2000 – 2001 Trained in presentation techniques, meeting and process facilitation, (Academy of Culture & Education, Berlin)
1989 – 1997 Landscape Architecture degree. “Diplom-Ingenieur” Masters-level equivalent (Technical University, Berlin).

My professional network

My professional relationships, especially through the Structural Consulting trainings are an important support network. Their different backgrounds and experience and our common understanding of structural dynamics make them a source of inspiration and insight that supports my on-going learning. My professional network includes: