Martin Juef


My clients want coaching for different reasons: personal, professional, or business, and sometimes for more than one. Their issues and concerns are as unique as they are. To give you a better idea of what it is like to work with me, here’s what a few of my clients have to say about their coaching experience.

A Corporate Consultant, Frankfurt

“A few years ago I had a professional and financial crisis. On top of that I had a failed marriage. I’d tried different approaches and worked with several other coaches. After the sessions I temporarily felt better, but nothing had changed. Only after working with Katharina did I discover what truly drives me. It wasn’t always easy for me to confront reality, but working it through with Katharina led to a breakthrough that helped me move forward. Today, I’m professionally and financially on the right path and I’m happily in in a new relationship. Thanks to Katharina I’ve landed, and stayed, on firm ground.”

A Wellness Coach & Consultant, San Francisco, USA

“I have found Katharina a pleasure to work with and would do so again. She quickly saw core patterns and was able to clearly explain their roles in my thinking and habits. She was able to look at my situation very “cleanly” and without an agenda. I know many coaches and others in the helping professions, Katharina is among the best – highly professional and capable, a great coach and guide who has helped me take concerted steps toward my goals as never before.”

A Tour-Guide, Berlin

“With the decision to do a coaching with Katharina an unexpected journey began. At first I looked at one pressing issue, however, it quickly became clear, that the same mechanisms were operating in other areas of my life. Thanks to our work together I came to see that it wasn”t “adverse circumstances” that stopped me from living the life I yearned for. With analytic precision Katharina showed me the patterns of behaviour that were undermining me and helped me reflect on my personal values. Today, the things I once yearned for are a “normal” part of my life ” the insights I gained are fully integrated into my life. Since then I trained in a new profession and found my dream job! My relationships with my parents and friends have been completely transformed. And what was once a rather quiet passion to make music is now expressed “loudly” in the two bands I’m part of.”

An Economist, Montreal, Canada

“Katharina impressed me powerfully with her skills, effectiveness, and professionalism. Our work together delivered results in a surprisingly short time. I would definitely recommend Katharina to anyone who wants to advance their life or career.”

An Event Manager & Artist, Berlin

“Coaching with Katharina brought me to my limits and beyond. Her professional, structured and warm-hearted way made it easy for me to open up even though sometimes her insights were difficult and uncomfortable to hear. With her help I was able to see how I could steer a positive direction in my life. Today I now longer go round in circles. I feel involved with the things that matter to me. And, I have Katharina’s written summary of the coaching to refer to and can see how much has changed for the better thanks to our work together.”

A Travel Consultant, Wellington, New Zealand

“Working with Katharina was a life changing experience. After our second coaching session together, I could finally think things through very clearly. I realized how I was running my life so far. Now the pressure is off and I am free to make my life-choices based on what I truly want.”

A Manager, Publishing Industry, Hamburg

“When I first contacted Katharina I was falling apart. I did not know what to do in my job or in my relationship with my wife. In the beginning of the coaching I talked a lot and answered Katharina”s many questions. All of a sudden I was able to see the connections and unfortunate dynamics running through my life like a thread. And I recognized my own role in it. It was a phase of great insights and at the same time hard. We did not stay here for long. Soon, we were exploring the things that matter to me and how I would want to decide about my job and my relationship with my wife. The result was that I pushed forward and changed my areas of responsibility within my organization. Now my tasks correspond with what I’m most interested in. And I”m still with my beloved wife. Our difficulties were not caused by her!”

Physiotherapist, mother and partner, Berlin

“I knew, something had to change. Though I’d invested in therapy, for years, my relationship with my son and my husband was still a disaster. I was really stuck, not knowing what else to do. Working with Ms. Schütze helped me understand, after only a few sessions, the underlying dynamics that were leading to our family-drama. I realized how I was poisoning these most important relationships and losing my life’s energy. Our exploration together, though not always easy, was always grounded in a rare combination of insight and empathy.äShe helped me see how I was organizing my life and my family”s around an ideal. And in doing so forgetting my deepest, truest values. What a powerful insight! It has changed my life. I am full of energy again. In the place of mistrust, aggression and rejection there is calmness and peace now in our family.”