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Leadership Training

One of the most important issues leaders face today is how to build team performance. Imagine an approach that embeds coaching, accelerates employee development, and enhances performance, productivity, and retention. The Managerial Moment of Truth training is designed to compliment performance management, coaching, mentoring, and other development processes. It is designed to help you improve your leadership skills.

Managerial Moment of Truth (MMOT)

The MMOT-training is a 1-day workshop for 10 to 16 participants, offered upon request, as an inhouse-training.

Topics covered

Based on the book, by best-selling authors Robert Fritz and Blue Shield of California’s then-CEO, Bruce Bodaken, this course is designed to teach leaders a new approach for engaging employees in conversations about performance. In these conversations, employees are able to face up to reality and confront the truth in order to:

  • learn from mistakes
  • recognize and leverage best practice performance, and
  • adjust processes to build a successful organization.

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the managerial moment of truth”s 4-step process and practice the basics
  • Understand how to work with colleagues and employees more productively through knowing how to manage candor ” objectively and fair
  • Continously improve their mentorship capability
  • Learn specific and innovative communication skills that support understanding of performance issues and conduct of candid performance discussions
  • Plan for how they will apply the principles and techniques when they return to work.

Learning approach

The managerial moment of truth workshop is highly interactive and provides a rich learning experience including a variety of group exercises, filmed examples, debrief and discussion as well as instruction. Throughout the day participants have the opportunity to practice the steps and understand the application of the managerial moment of truth in different contexts. They will also be introduced to some fundamental skills and techniques including picturing, detail into shape translation, design versus execution distinction, mismatch identification, and management. The training is accompanied by individual follow-up coaching, which supports putting the learning into practice.

Learning materials

The book, “The Managerial Moment of Truth”, will be provided to participants in advance of the training. The training workbook provides a record of the plans participants build in the workshop and a reference to support the continued development of their skills and techniques upon returning to work.

What people say

Here’s co-author Bruce Bodaken, then-CEO of Blue Shield of California, speaking about the impact of this approach on his business”s leadership and performance. He believes that using “The managerial moment of truth” helped his team unleash between 25 and 40% of the underutilized capacity in his organization at little or no additional cost. In his 5 years as CEO, BlueShield doubled membership and grew revenues from $3 billion [US] to $8 billion [US] to became the fastest growing health plan in California. A remarkable achievement indeed. It”s worth checking out the full video, especially after minute 6.

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