Martin Juef

Leadership Coaching

The leadership role has its own very specific demands. You need to create an environment where people flourish together and deliver business results.

You may need to motivate and support your people to build and sustain fundamental changes to the way they work. You may want cross-functional teams working together toward common organizational goals. You may be faced with performance management or behavioral issues you don’t know how to handle. You may have employees who do great work on their own but create other problems as part of the team. You may want to build team momentum toward your business goals. You may need to make difficult decisions. You may be facing challenging conversations.

Helping you understand and address these demands is the focus of my leadership coaching practice. Together we will take a fresh look at your situation, without an agenda, bias or formula. We will focus on your specific organisational or professional goals and explore your “work” related challenges. Our coaching work together will use the principles of creating to help you gain insight and build a clear path forward. I will support you in thinking thoroughly and clearly about the leadership questions you have and the vision you have to help you create what matters most to you as a leader.

How we work together

In my experience the most successful assignments require regular bi-weekly sessions combined with as needed coaching support over 6 months. We can meet in person at my office in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) or wherever you are located. It is not necessary to meet at all times in person, however. Some of my clients prefer the ease and flexibility of meeting by phone or Skype. It can make for efficient use of time and gives you access to support no matter where you are.


I’d be pleased to speak with you for an initial consultation, with no obligation, to see if and how we might want to work together. Contact me to book an appointment.